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Full-Stack Developer đŸ’ģ & Karateka đŸĨ‹, based in Berlin

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getDOJO Project

Here you'll get to know my greatest passion in life at all its aspects. getDOJO is a Karate portal created in ReactJs (with a few additional Martial Arts touches) where the user can signup, login, logout, create and edit their Karateka profile, browse various Karate techniques (including CRUD functionality implementation) and famous people who practice(d) martial arts. Extras - Karate quiz, Team Kata video display and a live API (random Chuck Norris joke) integration.

Karate Photo-Album Project

A sneak peek into my world - A photo album based on my greatest love of all, created with ReactJs & Material-UI. It's constantly updated with new Karate photos. Give it a try! (a link to our association is provided)

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Weather App

Here is the weather-app I've created where you can search any city in the world at your own preference and discover its current weather & future 6-day forecast.


Shut Up, Meg! Web-Game

An entertaining P5 Chrome-browser based game about one of my favourite TV shows. Don't forget to press "p" on your keyboard when the game starts.

JoynMe App

A collaborative event creation and joining application based on the user's whereabouts.


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Live API Dictionary

Search your desired word, hit Enter and see what you get.